Healthy Ways to boost your daily performance

Your busy day of meetings, exercise, housework, and numerous other energy-draining activities can cause you to feel completely worn out. Is there a healthy way of getting the energy boost you need to get you through the long day?

Surprisingly, there are several healthy drinks that can help to boost your energy level. In this article, we will look at some choices that you can consider when you need that energy boost in a healthy and safe way.

B Vitamins

Most people are familiar with B vitamins. However, they are not aware of how they help the body or why most energy drinks contain these vitamins. Having essential B vitamins are important to the human body for maintaining energy. It’s worth noting that vitamin B contains 8 vitamins that are referred to as vitamin B complex or B vitamins. Vitamin B12, in particular, assists metabolic functions within the human body. Adults are supposed to consume approximately 2.5 mcg of vitamin B12 a day. Several natural energy drinks provide a sufficient amount of energy to keep the body running smoothly.

Additionally, the B vitamins are soluble in water, which simply means that any vitamins that are not absorbed by the body are passed through the system without toxic build-up. This enables the energy drinks that exceed the suggested daily amount to be consumed without causing any harmful effects.


This has been a common drink in Eastern Europe and Russia for centuries. It is basically a fermented drink that is another healthy way of increasing the energy levels in your body.  This drink is created by natural fermentation of barley, rye, or wheat and has the same taste as beer. Apart from providing you energy, this drink contains probiotics that have been discovered to improve the immune system, provide protection against cancer, and assist the digestive tract. The best type of Kvass for boosting a person’s energy levels is mixed with vegetables and fruits. This drink can be found in several natural food stores in certain countries and can be also be made at home.

Coconut Water

This drink is also referred to as the sports drink of nature. This is an amazing way of boosting energy through the high levels of potassium and minerals contained in the coconut. The perfect coconut water drink is obtained from the young Thai coconuts. You can opt to blend the drink with strawberries and bananas for a delicious smoothie or drink the water by itself.


This is a fermented probiotic tea. It’s a tasteful way of detoxifying, healing, and boosting the energy levels in the human body. This drink is a blend of a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria (SCOBY) and brewed tea that produces amino acids, vitamins, and organic enzymes. Kombucha can be found in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region stores. Alternatively, this drink can be bought online or you can opt to purchase your own brewing kit of kombucha for creating beauty products or different flavored drinks.  

Acai Berry

Apart from the great nutritional properties of acai berry, its juice is an amazing way of boosting energy levels in the human body. Acai berry contains potassium, fatty acids, protein, and B vitamins. Acai berry can boost the metabolism that provides energy in the human body and can help a person lose excessive weight. When looking for a good acai drink that will boost your energy, ensure that you look at the nutritional label. Additionally, check for the drink with the acai listed high in the ingredients list and one that contains low sugar levels. The acai berry drink is loaded with strong plant compounds that act as antioxidants. The drink also boosts the heart, brain, and general health. Additionally, the acai berries provide healthy fiber and fats, so they are considered overall healthy food.

Ginseng and Eleuthero Root

Ginseng is the herb that helps the human body to adapt to stress and boosts stamina and energy. There are different types of ginseng. One such type is Siberian ginseng, which is also referred to as eleuthero. This type happens to be the most effective type of ginseng to boost energy levels. It’s recommended that adults should consume about 200 to 400 mg of ginseng per day. This herb can be found in several healthy energy drinks.

Green Monster Juice

Apart from assisting in weight loss, this juice is an effective way of meeting your vegetable and fruit quota, while naturally boosting energy levels. To prepare this healthy, energy-boosting drink, you will need the following ingredients: one-half lemon, one-half cucumber, four stalks of celery, two cups of kale and spinach, and one granny smith apple. After acquiring all of these ingredients, rinse the vegetables and fruits properly and peel the lemon.  Place them in a juicer and then juice it. Pour the blend over ice and you can readily drink it up.

Beet, Wheatgrass, and Berry Smoothie

This homemade treat is another healthy energy drink and contains potassium and vitamins A, B, and C. Beets are important because they help the human body use oxygen in a more efficient manner. Blend together 1 small rinsed beetroot, a half avocado, 1 banana, one handful of rinsed spinach, 1 cup almond milk, and one-quarter cup of rinsed strawberries.  Add 1 tablespoon of powdered or fresh wheatgrass to include the extra benefits of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Life demands a lot from you and your daily energy level. You need to bring your best game; putting all your energy into doing your best, regardless of what you encounter in your daily routine. For increased stamina and the energy to handle your daily activities, try out the healthy energy drinks described in this article. Bear in mind that a boost in energy has great benefits to your overall health and happiness.

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