High Achiever Brain Hacks with Rich Recovery® Best Energy Drink

High Achiever Brain Hacks with Rich Recovery® Best Energy Drink

We seem to get busier and busier as the digital world speeds us up by giving us access to more and more every day. We found a healthy solution for high achievers with the following brain hacks and Rich Recovery® nootropic, a non-caffeinated preservative-free clean energy supplement. Between family obligations, work, and social events, it is important to take care of our health and lower stress as much as possible while staying focused on your goal. A high achiever is someone who believes that their tomorrow will always be bigger and better than yesterday. It doesn’t matter who you are, an entrepreneur, an athlete, or just a person in life, you are pressed to be a high achiever. These types of people are striving to grow, serve more, and always be better.

We are here to help you eliminate unnecessary stress-producing elements, like high-caffeine energy drinks and preservative-filled supplements that try to keep you focused, alert and energized, but leave you with an unbalanced crash.

"Most high achievers have some degree of ADHD"

Ratey’s work found in this Forbes article written by Jim Kim, investor, and author of shares, "Dr. John Ratey, a world-renowned psychiatrist and associate professor at Harvard Medical School based his early work on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)”. Based on this, he was able to discover the use of exercise as natural energy boosters and help patients who have difficulty in maintaining focus for extended periods. ADHD is used for those whose brain activity is identified by an ongoing pattern of inattention or hyperactivity, which interferes with daily function or development. In line with this, most high achievers have ADHD because their brains are hyper-focused when they are exploring uncharted territories, thinking about brilliant ideas, or solving difficult problems. This is where natural energy supplements are useful. Ratey was able to find different benefits that exercise has on the brain; some of these include stroke risk, lowering blood pressure, and improving blood flow to the brain.

How To Be A High Achiever

To be a high achiever, start by discovering what matters to you in a big way, like getting enough vitamins for energy. That thing must mean enough to you to spark a fire inside of you so that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. You may know what that is already. What’s important is to have the passion to reach the goals consistently with support. What's next is to set a PERK (Perfect Energy Rich Kick) for yourself. This should be in line with your passion while combining health, wealth, and wellbeing. A super achiever is always thinking about maximizing results with a constant here, there, and what's next attitude. Finally, you should be able to achieve the goal after several challenges that will make you push the envelope to get it done. Always understand that you grow as a person every time you stretch your restrictions and push your limits.

10 Brain Hacks from the World's Highest Achievers – Impact Theory

One of the latest episodes of Impact Theory featured Agent Smith and Tom Bilyeu, who discussed 10 Brain Hacks from the World's Highest Achievers. This has many topics including:

  • How to build a learner's mindset
  • Practical steps on reframing your mindset
  • How to apply takeaways from the content you consume
  • Building your identity around the things that move you forward
  • 3 hacks to get better at keeping the focus on your goals and tasks among several others

Spotlight Series

The high achiever brain hack with the best energy is a combination of things, including community support. We all have heard the statement, "You can't do it alone." Although subscribing to the notion that being a super achiever with a brain hack mentality is good, it can also wear your body down. Rich Recovery® provides ongoing support, not only for your brain and heart health, but for your overall mind, body, and spirit. When you sign up for Rich Recovery® Spotlight Series free members community, you will receive insights, recipes, mindfulness practice and workouts featuring successful entrepreneurs, and performance edge thought leaders. Rich Recovery® isn't just a product, we believe wellness is a lifestyle that can’t be done alone. You can subscribe to our Spotlight Series here.. You can also follow Tom Bilyeu on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Some Final Thoughts

You will be able to accomplish your work as a high achiever when you are able to follow a system that creates a workflow rhythm, which is necessary for completion-centric planning. You need to learn to pursue your goals with a fierce determination and delight and with the right natural energy supplements.

Trying to get things done may leave you feeling stressed. Look into naturally clean energy boosters to suppress stress. One sure brain power in a bottle is Rich Recovery®. Rich Recovery® is full of rich vitamins and brain-boosting nutrients for clean energy with no crash. You can visit here for more information.

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