How to be the Healthy Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a hero without a costume, they make things happen and carry a lot of burdens on their shoulders. They are the reason a lot more people are living their best lives every day. This level of work and responsibility brings with it a lot of stress and anxiety; thus, it’s no coincidence that a lot of entrepreneurs have health challenges.

Entrepreneurs often treat their bodies terribly in exchange for success and productivity. Maybe this is unintentional, as often times they are pressured to be more than they can be. They work long hours with no rest or break, late into the night and most times live on junk food, which really doesn’t fuel their bodies appropriately,  and they are exposed to a lot of health problems.

To be a healthy entrepreneur, you have to put in the extra effort. Unlike the usual person, you would be doing more. Understanding your body is pivotal to this quest. Disregard the myth that it is impossible to be a successful entrepreneur and a healthy one, at the same time. Health & entrepreneurship can go together; one does not need to suffer at the expense of another. You just have to imbibe certain characters and habits.


For instance, creating new habits in your diet, exercise and adding vitamins and minerals that support brain health can enhance your daily workflow. Changing what you eat may not be enough, you may also need to improve on how you eat, and this means that you may need more meals per day and more often at the right times and in quantity. Eating well should be accompanied with equal parts of water to maximize the distribution of vitamins and minerals. Drinking water can help you think more clearly, flush out toxins, and may increase the number of calories you burn. Considering your work rate and how much energy you burn at work or at home, there is a constant need to remain vitalized. Research has shown that a 2% increase in water saturation in your body will help your thought pattern and ability to remember things.


As an entrepreneur, I have tried many brain and energy enhancing supplements, and most of them give me headaches and feel unnatural in my body. When you decide to add a supplement to your diet, the only advice I have is going ”clean.” This means no fillers, preservatives, etc. Also, it keeps us from a falsifying statement, no caffeine (which most have), and choosing the highest quality herbs, which I know Rich Recovery has. This will boost your diet with vitamins and minerals to assist with body function for those long, intense hours. When you add healthy foods, plenty of water and our supplement Rich Recovery, you can optimize cognition, physical performance, and immunity because of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nootropics working together. When you improve the quality of your brain and body system; your immune system, metabolism, and mental processes, benefits can get you past your best level.


You may also create a healthy sleep schedule. Going to bed and getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep has a way of revitalizing your body and mental health. Your body needs this to regenerate and put things in order and ultimately making you more productive. Getting good sleep can decrease cortisol and assist with metabolic balance. Taking a walk and taking a break also helps to keep you active and coordinated. This is because sitting for long hours has been linked to obesity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and excess body fat.


Lastly, get an assistant that you enjoy mentoring. It is understandable that you want to see all things work correctly, but deciding to do all the work yourself limits your capacity for teaching and expanding in different areas of your life.  Becoming a mentor while you have helped is a leap forward. A lot of entrepreneurs are perfectionists, so rather than leave the job in the hands of someone, know that you are helping someone else thrive. And instead of having the weight on your shoulders, have a teachers perspective on business. When the student grows you grow. You can’t do everything yourself, get an assistant, that is qualified and excited to support your goals in the role you are employing them for. Find that perfect work-life balance.

About the Author

Brandi Veil is mindfulness coach and the founder of Being Investments a global advisory board helping entrepreneurs develop impact projects focused on 360 whole economies including innovation, wellness, and blockchain technology. She is co-founder Rich Recovery and sits on the Board of Directors for business development. Her focus is on mindfulness, stress-free, balanced life for entrepreneurs.  She is an advocate and consultant on innovation, wellness, and technology.

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